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  • The Origins of openEHR

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    225225Implementation, Implementation, implementation!
    227 '''- GEHRとSynapsesからSynexへ,CHIMEとUCLが仲介して '''
     227'''- GEHRとSynapsesからSynexへ,CHIMEとUCLのMedicate[[FootNote(The MEDICATE (Medical Diagnosis, Communication and Analysis Throughout Europe) project,]]と6-winit[[FootNote(IPv'''6''' '''W'''ireless '''In'''ternet '''I'''ni'''T'''iative,]]'''
    229229'''- from GEHR and Synapses to Synex, Medicate and 6-winit in CHIME and UCL'''
    269269 * be open to all who sign up to its objectives and methods of work
    270270 * have free individual membership
    271272 * charge membership fees for official bodies, on a not-for-profit basis
    272273 * help to define and support a common process of specification of clinical requirements, specification and implementation of systems and evaluation of the electronic healthcare records provided (Note: this will be termed the GEHR (Good Electronic Healthcare Record) methodology, since it will rest initially very heavily on the methods set out and followed for the first time in the GEHR project from 1989. This 7-country R&D project developed concepts, object model and early prototypes and tools for a common European Health Record Architecture and has been drawn on in subsequent partnerships and projects across the world. The work was placed by the partners in the public domain and fed into and adopted by standards bodies)
    307308We need to focus on these opportunities for cross-governmental funding for ''open''EHR, perhaps splitting the main open source and content standardisation roles of the foundation from a trading arm, owned by the Foundation, to develop revenue streams to support the goals of the Foundation.
    309312At the same time, we have to remain firmly focused on our continuing pathway of keeping our teams together, expanding our partnerships and delivering the results needed to win the day!