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    167167In summer 1995, the St Bartholomew's team moved with David Ingram, across London to UCL, when he was recruited to establish the new UCL Centre for Health Informatics and Multi-Professional Education (CHIME). Sam Heard and Tom Beale, now both based in Australia, have remained in close touch with the UCL team have continued regular visits to and fro. David Ingram has made academic visits to Australian Universities and as participant and keynote lecturer at two national Health Informatics Conferences, in Melbourne and Hobart.
    169 GEHRの手法はCHIMEとその協力施設に引き継がれた。
     169GEHRの手法はCHIMEとその共同研究センターに引き継がれた。これを基にして続けられた研究結果や記録するサーバの実装は現在立ち上げられたイギリスの新しい「健康のための情報」(Information for Health)戦略に重要な貢献をもたらしている。GEHRの手法はイギリスやヨーロッパにとどまらずSam HeardやTom Beal,Peter Shloeffelとその窯たちによってオーストラリアでも広がっていた。
    171171The GEHR approach remained alive in CHIME and its collaborating centres. Successive research results and implementations of record servers based on this are now making key contributions within the newly launched UK ''Information for Health'' Strategy. The GEHR approach was taken forward on a broader front, beyond the UK and Europe, especially by Sam Heard, Tom Beale and Peter Schloeffel and their colleagues in Australia.''''''''''
    173175Reactions against GEHR: When the GEHR project came to an end, a reaction set in against it. The first GEHR Object Model became a focus of concerted opposition within some groups working in the domain in the UK and within CEN standards bodies. The questioning of the assumptions and approaches of existing products and approaches had been inevitable, but did not make GEHR popular, although its approach always sought to be constructive. It was unfortunate that the work of GEHR came, apparently, to be perceived as a threat to other interests and ambitions, evidenced by the manner in which it was opposed, early, tentative and incomplete as its results were.