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  • The Origins of openEHR

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    9797In addition, to David and Sam, of those still closely involved in the continuing story of GEHR, Dr Dipak Kalra, who led the GEHR Clinical Task Group, and David Lloyd, a key contributor to the technical Task Group, joined the St. Bartholomew's team at the outset. Dr Jo Milan, Director of Information at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, and Dr Stanley Sheppard, Chief Executive of Update, a UK general practice software company, joined as sub-contractors to St. Bartholomew's. Update had to withdraw from the Consortium in the early days of the project, but Stan maintained contact on a personal basis. Tom Beale was employed as a consultant to the Royal Marsden in 1993 and subsequently joined the St Bartholomew's GEHR team, as a consultant, to assist in the key modelling phase, leading to the first GEHR object model for the health care record. David Ingram was appointed Professor of Health informatics at UCL in London in 1995 and the team, moved there to establish the Centre for Health Informatics (CHIME). Marcia Jacks was the GEHR Project Administrator and is now co-ordinator of CHIME at UCL, where the St. Bartholomew's team moved.
     99HGEHRで注目すべき貢献をした人物は他にもいる。HDMLのJeff Geboers, フランス赤十字のChristian Aligne,フランステレコムのOlivier Baille,ルクセンブルグ医師および歯科医師会のDaniel Mart,オポルト総合医療学会のJose CaladoとHelder Machado,ルクセンブルグのMario Cortelezzi,Hull大学のPenny Grub,Richard Dixon,St Bartohomew医科大学のLesley Southgate, Jaenette MurphyそしてSian Griffiths,スミスクラインビーチャムのIan GreyとJohn Shorter,C2VパリのBenoit Hap,そしてGehard Brenner,Carlos Salvadorである。
    101101Notable contributions in GEHR were also made by: Jeff Geboers, HDMP; Christian Aligne, French Red Cross; Olivier Baille, France Telecom; Daniel Mart, Association of Doctors and Dentists of Luxembourg; Jose Calado and Helder Machado, Institute of General Practice, Oporto; Mario Cortelezzi, Luxembourg; Penny Grub, Richard Dixon, University of Hull; Lesley Southgate, Jeanette Murphy and Sian Griffiths, St Bartholomew's Medical College; Ian Grey and John Shorter, !SmithKline Beecham; Benoit Hap, C2V Paris;Gerhard Brenner, Carlos Salvador.
     103Lesley Southgateは英国の王立総合医療医科大学の学長であり,Daniel Martはルクセンブルグ医師および歯科医師会の書記長となっている。
    103105Lesley Southgate, is now President of the Royal College of General Practitioners of the UK and Daniel Mart is General Secretary of the Association of Doctors and Dentists of Luxembourg.
    105109== The Accomplishments of the GEHR Project ==