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The openEHR Refference Model

Support Information Model


Editors: {T Beale, S Heard}a, {D Kalra, D Lloyd}b
Revision: 1.6.0Pages: 67Date of issue: 08 Apr 2007
  1. Ocean Informatics:: b. Centre for Health Informatics and Multi-professional Education, University College London::

Keywords: EHR, openehr, reference model

EHR Extract
DemographicIntegrationTemplate OM
CompositionopenEHR Archetype Profile
SecurityCommonArchetype OMADL
Data Structures
Data Types

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Amendment Record

R E L E A S E 1.0.1
1.6.0CR-000215: Merge DV_PARTIAL_XX date/time classes and move ISO 8601 semantics to Support IM. CR-000209: Minor changes to correctly define AUTHORED_RESOURCE.current_revision. Add minimal definition for List<T> class. CR-000200: Correct Release 1.0 typographical errors. Move INTERVAL class definition to correct section. Add two invariants. Improved explanation of identifiers. CR-000202: Correct minor errors in VERSION.preceding_version_id. Added is_first function and invariant to VERSION_TREE_ID class. Added invariants for 1-based numbering CR-000203: Release 1.0 explanatory text improvements. CR-000204: Add generic id subtype of OBJECT_ID. CR-000216: Allow mixture of W, D etc in ISO8601 Duration (deviation from standard). CR-000219: Use constants instead of literals to refer to terminology in RM. CR-000220: Tighten semantics of HISTORY.period and EVENT.time. CR-000144: Add new Ratio type: DV_PROPORTION. Add Real.floor. CR-000221: Add normal status to DV_ORDERED. Add “normal statuses” code set. CR-000228: Add minor deviations from ISO 8601 to assumed date/time types. CR-000229: Minor date/time corrections. Allow 2-digit time-zones. CR-000236: Change use of Character to Octet in DV_MULTIMEDIA. CR-000239: Add common parent type of OBJECT_VERSION_ID and HIER_OBJECT_ID. CR-000243: Add template_id to ARCHETYPED class CR-000246: Correct openEHR terminology rubrics.T Beale Y S Lim S Heard G Grieve D Lloyd S Heard, H Frankel Y S Lim A Patterson G Grieve H Frankel S Heard R Chen A Patterson S Heard H Frankel T Beale H Frankel H Frankel G Grieve H Frankel T Beale B Verhees M Forss08 Apr 2007
R E L E A S E 1.0
1.5CR-000162. Allow party identifiers when no demographic data. Relax invariant on PARTY_REF. CR-000184. Separate out terminology from Support IM. CR-000188: Add generating_type function to ANY for use in invariants CR-000161. Support distributed versioning. Move OBJECT_ID.version to subtypes. Add OBJECT_VERSION_ID, VERSION_TREE_ID and LOCATABLE_REF types.S Heard H Frankel T Beale T Beale T Beale H Frankel06 Feb 2006
R E L E A S E 0.96
1.3CR-000135: Minor corrections to package. CR-000145: Add class for access to external environment. CR-000137: Add definitions class to support.definition package.D Lloyd D Lloyd D Lloyd25 Jun 2005
R E L E A S E 0.95
1.2.1CR-000129. Fix errors in UML & specs of Identification package. Adjust invariants & postcondition of OBJECT_ID, HIER_OBJECT_ID, ARCHETYPE_ID and TERMINOLOGY_ID. Improve text to do with assumed abstract types Any and Ordered_numeric.D Lloyd25 Feb 2005
1.2CR-000128. Update Support assumed types to ISO !11404:2003. CR-000107. Add support for exclusion and inclusion of Interval limits. CR-000116. Add PARTICIPATION.function vocabulary and invariant. CR-000122. Fix UML in Terminology_access classes in Support model. CR-000118. Make package names lower case. CR-000111. Move Identification Package to Support. CR-000064. Re-evaluate COMPOSITION.is_persistent attribute. Add “composition category” vocabulary. Re-ordered vocabularies alphabetically.T Beale A Goodchild T Beale D Lloyd T Beale DSTC D Kalra10 Feb 2005
R E L E A S E 0.9
1.1CR-000047. Improve handling of codes for structural attributes. Populated Terminology and code_set codes.S Heard11 Mar 2004
1.0CR-000091. Correct anomalies in use of CODE_PHRASE and DV_CODED_TEXT. Add simple terminology service interface. CR-000095. Remove property attribute from Quantity package. Add simple measurement interface. Formally validated using ISE Eiffel 5.4.T Beale DSTC, S Heard09 Mar 2004
0.9.9CR-000063. ATTESTATION should have a status attribute.D Kalra13 Feb 2004
0.9.8CR-000068. Correct errors in INTERVAL class.T Beale20 Dec 2003
0.9.7CR-000032. Basic numeric type assumptions need to be stated CR-000041. Visually differentiate primitive types in openEHR documents. CR-000043. Move External package to Common RM and rename to Identification (incorporates CR-000036 -Add HIER_OBJECT_ID class, make OBJECT_ID class abstract.)DSTC, D Lloyd, T Beale09 Oct 2003
0.9.6CR-000013. Rename key classes. Based on CEN ENV13606. CR-000038. Remove archetype_originator from multi-axial archetype id. CR-000039. Change archetype_id section separator from ':' to '-'.T Beale18 Sep 2003
0.9.5CR-000036. Add HIER_OBJECT_ID class, make OBJECT_ID class abstract.T Beale16 Aug 2003
0.9.4CR-000022. Code TERM_MAPPING.purpose.G Grieve20 Jun 2003
0.9.3CR-000007. Added forgotten terminologies for Subject_relationships and Provider_functions.T Beale11 Apr 2003
0.9.2Detailed review by Ocean, DSTC, Grahame Grieve. Updated valid characters in OBJECT_ID.namespace.G Grieve25 Mar 2003
0.9.1Added specification for BOOLEAN type. Corrected minor error in ISO 639 standard strings -now conformant to TERMINOLOGY_ID. OBJECT_ID.version_id now optional. Improved document structure.T Beale18 Mar 2003
0.9Initial Writing. Taken from Data types and Common Reference Models. Formally validated using ISE Eiffel 5.2.T Beale25 Feb 2003


The work reported in this paper has been funded in by a number of organisations, including The University College, London and Ocean Informatics, Australia.

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