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1. はじめに

1.1 目的

この文書はopenEHRのアーキテクチャをモデルの概要や、全般に渡るセマンティクスの重要な点、ソフトウェアの配備やアーキテクチャの統合、既存の標準との関連、そして実装技術仕様(ITSs; Implementation Technology Specifications)の構築への導入に関して概要を示す。それぞれの情報に特徴的なセマンティクスやアーキタイプ、サービスモデルはそれに関連したモデルを使って記述されている。

This document provides an overview of the openEHR architecture in terms of a model overview, key global semantics, deployment and integration architectures, relationship to published standards, and finally the approach to building Implementation Technology Specifications (ITSs). Semantics specific to each information, archetype and service model are described in the relevant model.


The intended audience includes:

  • 医療情報標準を策定している標準化団体
  • openEHRを使ってソフトウェア開発をしている集団
  • openEHRを使って学術研究をしている集団
  • 医療分野でのオープンソースソフトウェアコミュニティ
  • Standards bodies producing health informatics standards
  • Software development groups using openEHR
  • Academic groups using openEHR
  • The open source healthcare community


This document is the key technical overview of openEHR, and should be read before all other technical documents.



This document is under development, and is published as a proposal for input to standards processes and implementation works.


This document is available at


The latest version of this document can be found at

新しいバージョンが出るときは openehr-announce@… で告知される。

New versions are announced on openehr-announce@….


Blue text indicates sections under active development.


1.3 Peer review

Areas where more analysis or explanation is required are indicated with "to be continued" paragraphs like the following:

To Be Continued: more work required

Reviewers are encouraged to comment on and/or advise on these paragraphs as well as the main content. Please send requests for information to info@…. Feedback should preferably be provided on the mailing list openehr-technical@…, or by private email.