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    183183Validation is the primary runtime function of archetypes - it is how "archetype-based" data are created in the first place, and modified thereafter. Archetype-based validation can be used in a GUI application or in a data import service. Although the source of the data (keystrokes or received XML or other messages) is different, the logical process is the same: create archetype-based openEHR data according to the input stream.
    185187The process at runtime may vary in some details according to implementations and other aspects of the care setting, but the main thrust will be the same. The archetypes used at a particular site will always be mediated at runtime by openEHR templates developed for that site or system; these will usually be linked to screen forms or other formal artefacts that enable the connection between archetypes and the user or application. It will not be uncommon for a template to be constructed partially at runtime, due to user choices of archetypes being made on the screen, although of course the user will not be directly aware of this. Regardless, by the time data are created and validated against the relevant archetypes, the template that does the job will be completely specified.