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    141141Archetypes are mostly designed by clinical or other domain experts, and often require significant study of a subject area, for example, obstetrics. The development process may occur at a national or international level, and requires peer review and testing in real systems. This accords with the semantic value of archetypes, namely as reusable models of content. Consequently, from the point of view of any given site of deployment, archetypes are most likely to have been developed elsewhere, and to reside in a recognised, quality assured repository.
    143145Such a repository may contain hundreds or even thousands of archetypes. However, most EHR sites will only require a relatively small number. Clinical experts estimate that 100 archetypes would take care of 80% of routine general practice and acute care, including laboratory, with many of these being specialisations of a much smaller number of key archetypes. However, which 100 archetypes are useful for a given site may well vary based on the kind of health care provided, e.g. diabetic clinic, cancer, orthopedic hospital ward, aged care home. In general, it can be expected that nearly all archetype deployment sites will use only a small percentage of published archetypes. Some sites may also develop a small number of their own archetypes; invariably these will be specialisations of existing archetypes.