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この文章はArchitectural Overviewの日本語訳です。内容の正確性は保証しませんので,原文を参照してください。なお、本文書の著作権はThe openEHR foundationならびにopenEHR.jpが保有し、以下の条件で利用を許諾します

Editors: {T Beale, S Heard}FootNote(Ocean Informatics)


Revision: 1.1

Pages: 87 Date of issue: 12 Apr 2007 FootNote

Keywords: EHR, reference model, architecture, openehr

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Issue Details Raiser Completed
R E L E A S E 1.0.1

CR-000200: Correct package names in RM diagram.

CR-000130: Correct security details in LOCATABLE and ARCHETYPED classes.

CR-000203: Release 1.0 explanatory text improvements. Improved path explanation. Slight re-ordering of main headings.

Path shortcuts.

Added configuration management and versioning material from Common IM.

Added section on ontological landscape.

Added section on aims.

Added section on systems architectures.

Added section on security.

Added section on system integration.

Added section on terminology.

D Lloyd

T Beale

T Beale, G Grieve, H vander Linder

H Frankel

T Beale

T Beale

T Beale

T Beale

T Beale

T Beale

T Beale, S Heard

12 Apr 2007
R E L E A S E 1.0

Initial Writing - content taken from Roadmap document.

CR-000147. Make DIRECTORY Re-usable

CR-000167. Move AOM description package to resource package in Common IM.

CR-000185: Improved EVENT model.

T Beale 29 Jan 2006


The work reported in this paper has been funded by the University College, London; Ocean Informatics, Australia.

CORBA is a trademark of the Object Management Group

.Net is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

LEGO� is a registered trademark of The LEGO Group.

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