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1= Synopsis
3Ruby openEHR implementation project.
5= Version
9= Requirements
11* Ruby 1.8.6 or higher
12* RubyGems
13* Yaparc Library 0.2.2 or higer
14  To install the library,
15  execute the following command.
16  # gem install yaparc
17* Tested with Ruby 1.8.6 on Linux and FreeBSD.
18* If you use Ruby 1.6, you should prepare racc
19  runtime environment and some adjustment
20* It should work on other platforms with Ruby
21  support as well.
23= Status
25This is the version 0.5.0 release of Ruby openEHR
26implementation project. This release is still experimental
27preview of our work based on openEHR specification
28release 1.0.2. We implemented ADL Parser and almost
29half of the specifications of the openEHR. This parser
30successfully parses 27 ADLs and generates archetype
31instances.  The work is still in progress. The
32intention is to have complete implementation of openEHR
33Reference Model and Archetype Object Model, with
34support for archetype based object creation and validation.
36= Authors
37Akimichi Tatsukawa, Shinji Kobayashi, <>
40= Copyright
41The software, including all files in this directory
42and subdirectories is copyrighted to the original
43authors and contributors, 2008
44All Rights Reserved.
46= License
48This product is under openEHR Open Source Software License
50The openEHR Foundation uses the Mozilla Tri-license 1.1 on
51all software copyrighted to the Foundation. This licence
52essentially provides the user a choice of licence conditions
53under which to operate with any given piece of software,
54being: the Mozilla Public licence (MPL), and the Free
55Software Foundation GNU General Public Licence (GPL) and
56Lesser GNU General Public Licence (LGPL). See the Mozilla
57relicensing FAQ for details of this license. This in no way
58constrains the way in which software created by other
59organisations is licenced.
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